Monday, February 7, 2011

1st Experience with Dariya Palty Sakura Creamy

Hi there... 3days ago i tried to dye my hair.. i used palty hair dye shade sakura creamy. i bought at Dolly Shop on FB.

this is how it looks like :D pinky....

the color result

Now let's see how to use palty hair dye...
1. mix bottle 1 and 2..

2. shake for a minute.. u can see the texture like this..

3. change the bottle cap with comb applicator.

4. use hand safety.. ( idon't know it name.. LOL)

5. apply to my hair...

6. wait for an hour to get maximal result.

7. Rinse and apply conditioner :D
8. Dry my hair..



i hope you enjoy with my review...


  1. Dolly Shop di FB yang mana sis? ada banyak "dolly shop" na...^^ aku lagi nyari juga ..thx ya

  2. ini link fb nya sis..

  3. Hi! So your before picture, is that your original/natural hair colour? And how long did you leave it in for to have that colour? I have the same dye and I would like to see what the results are like. 


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